RecDesk Director Online Help

Working with Membership Members

You can View, Edit, Cancel and Renew Membership Members at any time by going to the The Memberships List page, selecting the appropriate Membership and then clicking the Members tab. This is essentially the roster of Members. By default, it will list all Active Members. You can also view Future, Expired and Cancelled Memberships by selecting that value from the Membership Status Drop Down.

View Membership Details


Editing Membership Details


Canceling a Membership

** Be sure to click through to the Invoice link after removing a member from a membership to issue a refund.
Renewing Membership Members
Once a Member is enrolled in a Membership, renewing their Membership is easy. Follow these simple steps:
1. Click on the Memberships tab to pull up the Memberships List
2. Click on the name of the Membership
3. Click on the Members sub-tab
4. Locate the Member to renew and click the Renew button (note: you may need to change the Membership Status in the drop down to find the Member)
5. The Start Date and End Date will automatically reflect the new Membership Period
6. Click Save
7. Go through the normal checkout process to complete the renewal.