RecDesk Director Online Help


Recdesk gives you the ability to Automatically Schedule games at facilities/fields defined in your system, round robin style.  When scheduling games at your organizations's facilities, RecDesk takes care of notifying you of any conflicts with other reservations at those facilities.  If a Facility is outside of your organization, you can simply deselect the Show Facility on Portal Field on that facility's Facility Info Page so it won't appear on your Community portal for the public to view (see Creating and Modifying Facilities).  To Start, click on the Leagues tab.
Automatic Scheduling
Step 1: Set General Game Options:
Game Count Options **- Choose either:
** If the League has an odd number of teams, the "Each team plays same number of games" option is unavailable
Games per Day - Choose either:
Step 2: Assign Time Slots Per Field: (Note: all time slots will be added to the current time slots listed.  If you would like to remove any time slots at any time, simply click on Day Actions, REMOVE All Day's Time Slots, or click on the Edit button next to a single time slot, then the Delete button)
Step 3: Review & Reschedule: