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Invoice Me (Pay Later) Option for RecDesk Community

RecDesk offers an Invoice Me (Pay Later) option for those customers who would like to allow their Community Members  register for Programs, enroll in Memberships and make Reservations Online but Pay Later. The options are:
  1. Credit Card (Pay Now) Only (default) - this option requires ALL RecDesk Community payments to be made by Credit Card at the time the online transaction takes place.
  2. Credit Card (Pay Now) OR Invoice Me (Pay Later) - this option allows the Community Member to choose between paying now by selecting Pay Now via Credit Card or paying later by selecting Invoice Me (Pay Later).
  3. Invoice Me (Pay Later) Only - this option will result in ALL RecDesk Community transactions creating an invoice to be paid later.

Configuring Invoice Me (Pay Later) Option

Note: All RecDesk Community transactions will use this configuration. If the Pay Later option is either chosen by the Community Member or the only option offered, the Invoices created will immediately reflect the correct balance due once the transaction is complete. The Community Member will then have the option to pay later by Credit Card from their RecDesk Community account or pay in-house later via Cash, Check or Credit Card.