RecDesk Director Online Help

Testing the Thermal Printer


Firefox (Recommended)

1. Log in to RecDesk Director and click Go To POS;
2. Choose a Location;
3. If your system is configured with multiple Registers per Location, select a Register from the drop down (see Managing Multiple Registers at One Location);
4. Check off Enable Receipt Printer and Cash Drawer;
5. Click Next;
6. On the POS terminal, click Actions, then click Test Receipt Printer;
7. Click Print Test Receipt.

Chrome (Not Recommended)

1. Double click on the Chrome Desktop Shortcut created in Enabling Auto Printing.
2. Follow Firefox steps listed above.
Note: see Troubleshooting for help if printing is not successful.
The Actions button from the POS terminal will allow you to Open Cash Drawer, Test Receipt Printer, and Deactivate/Activate Receipt Printer and Cash Drawer.