RecDesk Director Online Help

DropShots - Individual Photos

RecDesk allows you to display individual photos in your RecDesk Community portal by allowing you to include "embed code" from DropShots**.
Creating Embed Code for individual photos using Dropshots:
1. Go to, create a free acccount, and upload your photos
2.  While logged into your DropShots account, hover over the photo you want to add to your facility definition or Community portal, and click on the little pencil icon
3.  Click View details
4.  Click on the (Embed code) icon
5.  Highlight the code labeled "Html code", and copy it to the clipboard
6.  Go back to RecDesk Director and paste the embed code in the Image Gallery Embed Code field in the Facility definition, or follow the steps under Inserting Embed Code into Content if pasting into the content of your RecDesk Community portal. See Image/Slideshow/Video Embed Guidelines for important tips.
** Dropshots is third-party software and is not affiliated in any way with RecDesk. We cannot guarantee the reliability or continued support of third-party software