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FlexScheduler Reservations

RecDesk FlexScheduler has been developed to meet the needs of increasingly more sophisticated scheduling scenarios voiced to us by our existing customers as well as future clients. This enhancement will initially be released to a few early access customers in February, 2018 and will be released to all customers in March of 2018. If you'd like to be an early access customer, please contact your RecDesk Customer Success Representative. FlexScheduler will have the following capabilities:
Facilities can be reserved with the FlexScheduler by navigating to the Facilities tab and clicking Reserve Facility from the submenu. Alternatively, you can go a specific Facility's Facility Usage Calendar and click on Reserve Facility for a particular date. The advantage of the latter way is that the Facility and Date will be preselected.
Prerequisites - Facility Fee Schedules.must be set up ahead of time, if applicable (see Facility Fee Schedules (FlexScheduler Only))

Basic Workflow