RecDesk Director Online Help

Getting Started with Point-of-Sale

Here's how to get started with POS:
1.  Create Item Categories, which are groups of Items that are similar. Examples are Beverages, Fruit, etc. See Item Categories
2. Define Sale Items that exist within those Categories. See Creating and Modifying Sale Items
3.  Set up Locations where you will have Point-of-Sale Terminals. See Locations
4.  Choose the Items that will be available at each Location. See Managing Available Items
5.  Optionally Manage Inventory for an Item. See Inventory Management
7.  Optionally Create POS Cashier(s) - a RecDesk User having a Role of POS Cashier, which only has access to POS Terminals. See Adding RecDesk Users
8.  Go to the POS Terminal and have fun selling your Items! See POS Terminal.