RecDesk Director Online Help

Check-Ins for Memberships

If you would like to limit check-ins to Members with specific active Membership(s), select the checkboxes for those Memberships.

Attended Check-In

If Member being checked-in has multiple memberships, the attendant will be notified that Member has multiple Active Memberships and all the Active Memberships will be checked off. You can then select the appropriate Membership the Member is checking into before clicking Complete Check-In. Note: all Memberships active for that Member will be checked by default.

Self Check-In

Check-In will be successful if Member is in at least one of the Memberships checked in the set up screen, so be as specific as possible when selecting Memberships in the set up screen. After check-in in is complete, check-ins will be recorded for only Memberships checked-off in the set up screen.
Self Check-In Set Up