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Money Related FAQs


How do process payments that are for incidental things (not Registrations/Reservations/Memberships)


What's the difference between the RecDesk Credit Card payment method versus the Internal Credit Card one?

The RecDesk Credit Card payment method is the one that will allow for integrated credit card processing against your merchant account. This is the most commonly used method for credit card payments.
The Internal Credit Card method is for recording credit card payments that are performed using legacy methods using older equipment or card swiping for something such as Square if you're taking mobile payments for certain things. Internal Credit Card payments are not processed through RecDesk, but specifying this payment method allows you to record and track these transactions in RecDesk.

How do I VOID a Payment or Refund?

See Voids

What Credit Card Readers work with RecDesk?

Any standard USB triple-track magnetic card reader should work fine with RecDesk. It must be a reader that supports Keyboard Emulation (KBE). A sample of some of these can be viewed at Google Shopping. In most instances the reader simply has to be plugged into an available USB port with no further installation necessary.