RecDesk Director Online Help

Google Forms

RecDesk allows you to collect information via an online form in your RecDesk Community portal by allowing you to include "embed code" from Google Forms**.  Here's how it's done:
1.  Go to, click on the Go to Google Forms button, and log in to your Google account
2    Click on the Change theme button on the upper left hand side of the screen
3.   Scroll through the themes on the right and click on a theme
4.   Click on the Edit Questions button
5.   Enter the Title of the form and optionally, the Form Description
6.   Format your question and click Done
7.   If you wish to add more questions, click Add item and repeat step 6 until all questions are added
8.   Type your Confirmation Page message and options and click Send form
9.   Next, click Embed. Click the code under the box labeled "PASTE HTML to embed in website
10. Change the Height (in pixels) to 900
11. Click on the code under the box labeled "PASTE HTML to embed in website" and press Ctrl+C to copy it to the clipboard
12. Follow the steps under Inserting Embed Code into Content. See Image/Slideshow/Video Embed Guidelines for important tips.
The results of the online forms submitted will be in a Google Sheet on your Google Drive, and the file name will be "Title of Form (Responses)". You can then get Email Notifications to your Gmail account by editing the spreadsheet, then doing the following:
1. Click on the Tools tab
2. Select Notifications
3. Select how often you want to receive the email notification (when and how often)
4. Click Save.
Prerequisites: a Google Account
** Google Forms is third-party software and is not affiliated in any way with RecDesk. We cannot guarantee the reliability or continued support of third-party software