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eCheck/ACH Processing

RecDesk allows you to accept payments via eCheck/ACH (requires account) Prerequisites

- the following items must exist in order to accept payments by eCheck/ACH:

RecDesk Configuration


Handling eCheck/ACH Returns

Once a check is processed by and handed off to the ACH (Automated Clearing House), it may be returned for a variety of reasons including Insufficient Funds, Account Closed, Invalid Account Number, etc. RecDesk goes out to 3 times after an eCheck/ACH payment is made to check on its status; it checks 7, 10 and 15 days after the original payment is made. On any of those status checks, if the payment is returned for any reason, the Return Code and Description will appear on the email alert (if you signed up for it) and they will also show on the ACH Returns page.

Making Payments with eCheck/ACH

1. Add a Household Stored Payment Option with Source Type of eCheck/ACH. See Household Stored Payment Options .
2. Make a payment with an eCheck/ACH Stored Payment Option. See Making a Payment . You can also use the eCheck/ACH option when you create a Payment Plan or on Auto-Renewal of Memberships. See Working With Payment Plans and Enrolling Members In-house .