RecDesk Director Online Help

Setting Up Basic Residency Requirements

RecDesk allows you to set up residency parameters based on Town/City or Zip Code to automatically classify Members as Residents or Nonresidents. Select the Method (Town/City or Zip Code) and then enter the desired values separated by commas. The example below shows two towns separated by commas. Upon clicking Save, the Residency Setting will be applied to ALL individuals with profiles in RecDesk.
NOTE: We can also accommodate an Address/GIS database as well. See Residency Determination Based on Address/GIS Database
The Residency Setting is totally optional and if there is none set, profiles have a default Residency Status of Not Set.  If you would like to unset (go back) to this setting after you've already applied a residency scheme, simply clear all entries in the Values text box and hit Save. This will revert all profiles back to a Not Set status.