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Member Related FAQs


How do I combine (merge) duplicate Member accounts?

Over time, duplicate Member accounts may be created for the same Member. Combining duplicate accounts is easy; see Merging Members.

How do I move a Member to a different Household?

Over time, a Member may need to be moved to different Household. Changing a Member's Household is easy; see Moving Member to Different Household.

How do I assign a RecDesk Community User Id and Password to someone who was initially entered into RecDesk in-house (via RecDesk Director)

  1. Go to the Member tab and search by Last Name for the Member you would like to assign an online Id to
  2. Select that Member and then click the Edit button to put that Member into Edit Mode
  3. Click on the Create Online Id For RecDesk Community Site button all the way at the bottom
  4. Enter the desired User Name and Password and click Save
  5. Communicate what the User Name and Password is to the member

How do I set up the criteria to determine Resident versus Nonresident


Can I override Residency Status for a Member?

Yes, this can be done while adding a new Member or after they've been added. If you would like to override the Member's Residency Status when adding new Member, simply choose the appropriate override selection from the drop down just below the address header. Once a Member has been added, their Residency Status can be overridden by clicking the Override Residency Status button when viewing profile.

How do I apply credits to a Household Account?