RecDesk Director Online Help

Setting up your Sendgrid Account

Step #1 - Sign up for a Sendgrid Account
1. Navigate to
2. Click See Plans and Pricing, make sure the Essentials plan is selected, and then click Get Started.
3. Complete the signup form. A confirmation email will be sent.
4. Open the email entitled "Welcome to Sendgrid! Confirm Your Email" and click Confirm Email Address.
5. Answer the "You're Almost There" questions and then click Save. (Note: Choose the API option)
Step #2 - Enter and Save Username and Password under Settings in RecDesk Director (note -- you must have a Role of Director to complete these next steps)
1. Log into RecDesk Director and click on the Admin Tab
2. Click Settings
3. Under the Bulk Email Settings, click on the Edit button
4. Choose Sendgrid from the Email Provider drop down.
5. Enter Username and Password for your new Sendgrid account.
6. Enter the From Name you want to appear on the emails (i.e. ABC Parks and Rec)
7. Enter the From Email address (i.e. - this will be the email address that receives any reply to messages)
8. Click Save.  If the Username and Password were typed in correctly, you should see the message: Batch email configuration looks good!
9.  You are all set to send bulk emails! See Creating and Sending Email Campaigns