RecDesk Director Online Help

Setting up your Mandrill Account

Step #1 - Sign up for a Mandrill Account and get your API Key
1. Navigate to, enter the email address and a password of the account from which you will be sending emails, agree to the Terms of Use, and click Get Started
2. You may choose to tell Mandrill about yourself by completing the questions and clicking Save, or click No, thanks
3. Next, you are asked how you would like to send through Mandrill; choose API by clicking “Get API Keys” (note: you will be asked to verify your password)
4. Under the key icon, click “+ Add API Key”
5. Type in a description such as “Recdesk Bulk Email” and click Create API Key
6.  Copy the API Key they assigned you to the clipboard (it appears under the word Key)
Note:  All new Mandrill accounts will have a low “hourly quota or limit” until Mandrill gets to know the volume and types of email you are sending.  As you begin to send good quality emails, your quota increases quickly. Read more about this on Mandrill's Knowledge Base at
Step #2 - Save the assigned API key under Settings in RecDesk Director (note -- you must have a Role of Director to complete these next steps)
1. Log into RecDesk Director and click on the Admin Tab
2. Click Settings
3. Under the Bulk Email Settings, click on the Edit button
4. Click on the API Key box and paste the API key from the clipboard
5. Enter the from name you want to appear on the emails (i.e. ABC Parks and Rec)
6. Enter the from email address (i.e. - this will be the email address that receives any reply to messages)
7. Click Save.  If the API key was copied in correctly, you should see the message: Batch email configuration looks good!
8.  You are all set to send bulk emails! See Creating and Sending Email Campaigns